“Tyler Collects Evidence”
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Tyler looking through Chloe's apartment.
Season 1, Episode 56
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Rick Otto as Colorado

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September 3, 2012


Catharina Ledeboer
Brent Boyd


Casey Childs

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Eddie's New Sound


If There Was No Music (episode)

"Tyler Collects Evidence" is the fifty-sixth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on TeenNick in the United States on September 3, 2012 and received ---- million viewers.


Tyler goes to Chloe's house and looks for evidence of the car crash. Mel decides to go home. Nora, Phil, and Adam try to convince her to forgive Gus and Lisa and stay away from Beth. Loren and Eddie are going to the concert at MK club, and Loren is nervous. Traci confronts Kelly and it doesn't turn out well. Jake suggests Kelly quits her job. Nora ends things with Don, and Ellie makes it worse by stirring things up and bringing up Max. Tyler flirts with Traci more. Jackie threatens Tyler to stay away from Chloe. Phil lies to Detective Conlee, and tells Adriana that they need to get the drugs. Chloe goes to Adriana and tells her she needs to model, but Adriana thinks otherwise. Chloe goes to MK club with her new date, and is disgusted by him.

Extended Plot

Eddie is talking to Jake, asking if he booked the sound person for the show. Jake tells him that they are flying him down from Seattle where he was working on the Bruno Mars tour. Eddie is obviously happy and calls Jake the best manager in town. He tells Jake that he is really excited for the concert. Jake informs him that everything is in place and he has the press booked. Eddie looks hesitant and asks if it's not too much press because the songs are still works in progress. He tells Jake that he needs a safe environment. Jake jokingly asks if him in a dimly lit room with no audience or press is safe enough. Eddie laughs and says that the wrong first impression with the songs could be a bad one. Jake suggests that Eddie play just his hits and no new songs, but Eddie rejects the idea. Jake asks that he play at least one hit. Eddie agrees to play one or two but other than that, he wants to play his new songs.

Nora is making breakfast while Mel is at the table, asleep by her pancakes. Loren comes in and says good-morning to Nora. Nora asks if Loren slept well, but Loren says she slept horribly. She says that she's sure the adrenaline will wear off soon, but she feels great. Mel picks her head up when she hears Loren then puts it back down. Nora, concerned, tells Loren that she's been that way all morning and chocolate chip pancakes, which usually help her, aren't working. Loren says that she doesn't think all the chocolate chips in the world can help Mel. Mel says that doesn't mean she can't try to drown her sorrows in maple syrup. Loren sits down next to Mel and asks her if she wants to talk. Mel says that she doesn't want to talk about her problems, but instead wants to hear about Loren's concert. Loren says that she's really excited and that Kelly wants her to meet a lot of music bigshots. Mel talks about the outfit Loren has picked out for the concert and how disappointed she is that she didn't pick it out herself. Nora asks Mel if she was too excited to sleep like Loren. Mel tells Nora that it is because of massive confusion and tells Nora about Lisa being her aunt and Beth being her mom. Nora is shocked. Mel says that there is a silver lining to it; Phil isn't her brother.


Songs featured in Episode

Kelsey Muse - Dear You (6:10 – Nora, Loren & Mel and the gift basket)
Bonnie Dune – Sailboat (34:12 & 35:00 - Traci & Tyler at the café)
Miss V - Beautiful Day (39:41 – Kelly & Jake/Max & Nora/Eddie & Loren talk at MK)

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