“The Beach Bungalow”
Eddie and Loren kiss at the bungalow
Season 1, Episode 49
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Spl. guest

James Franco as Osborne Silver


Vince Jolivette as Connor Morgan
Rick Otto as Colorado

Air date

August 23, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Jed Seidel
Brent Boyd


Noel Maxam

Episode Chronology


Eddie Takes Off


Nora Visits Max

"The Beach Bungalow" is the forty-ninth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on TeenNick in the United States on August 23, 2012 and received 0.178 million viewers.


Eddie is cold to Loren at first, but then opens up and tells her he can't trust his feelings at this point. Don tries to pressure Nora into investing in the clinic, but Nora isn't comfortable with it. Max and Kelly have a chat about Eddie and Loren's relationship friendship/romantic wise with Chloe eavesdropping. Chloe then drops by to Jake's and manipulates Traci into saying there may be an affair behind Traci's back. Eddie and Loren talk about their relationship down at the beach bungalow. Tyler makes a call to Connor about Chloe to tell him stuff that he may not know about.


Songs featured

Tyson Yen – Never let you go (0:07 - Tyler arrives at Chloe's apartment)
Cassidy Ford - Loneliness is Stronger (21:19 - Eddie and Loren talk)
Caitlin Evanson – Ordinary girl (39:47 – Eddie and Loren talk)

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