Nora Tate
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Full name

Nora Tate


c. 1975 (age 37)


6530 Crescent Street, Tarzana,
Los Angeles, California 90042


Employee at Don's clinic/quit


Loren Tate (daughter)


Trent McCall (ex-husband)
Don Masters (ex-boyfriend)
Max Duran (boyfriend/moving in)


Ellie Moss
Max Duran
Eddie Duran

First seen

"Meeting a Rockstar"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Jama Williamson

Nora Tate is Loren's mom and #1 fan. She helps guide her daughter through the struggles of high school and a budding music career. As a single mom, Nora tries to stay as close to her daughter's life as possible, without smothering her creativity and spirit. Even while dealing with her own complicated career and love life, Loren is her first priority. After dating her boss Don Masters, breaking up with him and quiting her job, she sits comfortably with her new boyfriend Max Duran.


Nora can be shown as very caring and kind towards others. She rarely ever gets upset with anyone. Nora is also shown as very intelligent in some cases. She tries to be the best mother possible to Loren and is always thinking of what's best for her.


Loren Tate

Nora and Loren are incredibly supportive of each other. They hardly ever get into a dispute over anything. Nora had Loren when she was only nineteen years old and raised her by herself, having little help from Loren's father. The two have an open and honest relationship. Nora is concerned about Loren like any other parent (especially about her and Eddie), but trusts Loren to make the right decisions. Though the two get along great, they have been getting into more arguments recently over Loren's crush on Eddie and on her focusing on her music career over college. All she wants is what's best for her daughter.

Don Masters

Don owns the clinic where Nora works. Their relationship was more than professional. Despite Loren clearly not approving of Don, Nora was dating him and they were getting pretty serious. When Don started to become more snappy and tried to get Nora to invest in the clinic, it became clear that they wouldn't work, so Nora broke it off and quit her job at the clinic.

Max Duran

Nora met Max when Don introduced them so Nora could give him Loren's song. They had an easy time talking and seemed to enjoy each other's company. Nora was a huge fan of Max and Katy when she was a teen. Since their first meeting, when their paths have crossed, they've had a good time with each other. Max has some crush-like feelings for Nora, which she seems oblivious to. She does enjoy Max's company as of late. The two hooked-up in Eddie's New Sound, showing that they both have feelings for each other. They agreed not to make it a one time thing. They are now dating and moving in together.


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