“Max and Nora Go to Ojai”
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Max and Nora arrive in Ojai.
Season 1, Episode 71
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Daphne Ashbrook as Jackie
Brandon Bell as Jake
Tina Huang as Lily Park
Shannon Kane as Traci
Yara Martinez as Kelly

Air date

September 24, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Jed Seidel
Brent Boyd


Casey Childs

Episode Chronology


A Strange Call


Loren and Kelly Clash

"Max and Nora Go to Ojai" is the seventy-first episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on TeenNick in the United States on September 24, 2012 and received ---- million viewers.


Max and Nora search an Ojai gas station for clues; Tyler urges Chloe to tell the detective that Eddie was responsible for her accident; Max threatens Tyler to stop throwing the blame on Eddie; Ellie files a lawsuit against Don, and he promises to give her the money right then and there; Mel gets a call from a famous TV producer, and is offered a job; Phil and Adriana's relationship is slowly slipping; Phil quits his job, and Gus is worried; Chloe is convinced that Eddie did not push her, and thinks Dylan did; Lia and Jeremy sing Eddie's song, but Eddie tells them to stop; Lisa gives Mel a letter from Beth, and Mel decides she's gonna forget about Beth; Phil is up for a new raid with Ray; Nora comes over the office to drop of a few things, when she smells a gas leak.


Songs featured

Cassidy Ford – By my side (38:56 – Loren at Eddie's apartment)

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