“Max Confronts Chloe”
Max Chloe ep 24
Max finally confronts Chloe as she is coming out of Tyler's apartment in disguise.
Season 1, Episode 24
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Merrin Dungey as Ellie

Air date

July 19, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Jed Seidel
Sally Sussman
Brent Boyd


Owen Renfroe

Episode Chronology


Chloe's Jealousy


Lisa Reveals a Secret

"Max Confronts Chloe" is the twenty-fourth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on Nick at Nite in the United States on July 19, 2012, and received 0.590 million viewers.


Max confronts Chloe about the dirt he has on her past as he catches her coming from Tyler's apartment. Meanwhile, Phil gets questioned about a robbery.

Extended Plot

Chloe is at Tyler's house. Tyler is threatening to expose the truth if Chloe doesn't end it with Eddie. Chloe says Eddie would never understand the guilt she lives with every single day. Tyler is making her feel more guilty.

Meanwhile, Eddie and Loren are practicing dance moves. Loren says she's extremely grateful to have the opportunity, but she needs a backup plan. Eddie says that he doesn't have one and if everything disappeared tomorrow, he doesn't know what he would do.

Don comes over to Nora's house to take her on a surprise date. Don asks if they should invite Loren because he wants to hear all about her songwriting triumph, but Loren is still at the video shoot with Eddie.

Back at Tyler's place, Chloe says she will get rid of the detective and Tyler has to get rid of Jackie. Chloe leaves and Tyler tells her to make sure she is not being followed. Chloe says that she's pretty sure and leaves.

As Chloe is walking out of Tyler's apartment, Max walks up to her. Chloe asks if Max is following her and he doesn't deny it. Chloe lies about her mother being dead and Max is on to her.

Meanwhile, Gus is telling Lisa about the robbery at his warehouse last night. They're interrupted by a Detective who knocks on the door. He wants to question Phil about where he was a few nights ago.

Phil is with Colorado. Colorado wants Phil to steal from the warehouse again. Phil says the only reason he stole the stuff the first time was because he knew the security system was not in place.

Later, Max calls Eddie wanting him to come over to the club, saying that it is urgent. Chloe knows what he is going to tell him so she pretends to be sick so that Eddie will stay with her.