“Loren Has Doubts”
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Loren finds out that Jake didn't want to put her as a finalist.
Season 1, Episode 60
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Daphne Ashbrook as Jackie
Nick Krause as Adam

Air date

September 7, 2012


Josh Griffith
Valerie Ahern
Christian McLaughlin
Brent Boyd


Michael Eilbaum

Episode Chronology


Tyler Blackmails Chloe


The Mystery Texter

"Loren Has Doubts" is the sixtieth episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on TeenNick in the United States on September 7, 2012 and received ---- million viewers.


Kelly convinces Loren that their business relationship is fine. Eddie is disturbed by the mysterious call from Lily. Ellie continues to play blackmail with Don. Max and Nora grow closer. Mel decides that she wants her own place. Don makes a deal with Colorado, making Colorado upset with Phil. Phil hits a low point and goes to his parents and Detective Conlee to help him stay safe from Colorado. Don is suspicious Adriana might be pregnant. Lisa is lost with Beth, Mel, and Phil. Tyler forces Chloe to leave, but Chloe thinks otherwise, and ends her friendship with Lily. Lily threatens to bury Tyler if he doesn't give her the truth. Traci is still suspicious of Kelly and Jake, and worries her marriage is going no where. Kelly pleads Jake to talk to Loren.