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Lisa Sanders
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Full name

Lisa Sanders


Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA




Phil Sanders (son)
Melissa Sanders (niece)
Beth Bridges (sister)


Gus Sanders (husband)


Nora Tate

First seen

"Meeting a Rockstar"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Meredith Salenger

Lisa Sanders is Melissa's aunt and Phil's mother, often babying her trouble-making son, while keeping close tabs on her niece. Keeping a harmonious home life proves to be difficult - especially when a part of her past threatens to come back to haunt them all.


Lisa acts distant toward her daughter while rarely questioning her troublemaker son's actions. She holds a secret that could take a major toll on her family.


Melissa Sanders

Melissa struggles with the tense relationship she has with her parents, and thinks they may be hiding something. Lisa doesn't trust Melissa and acts coldly toward her, but she doesn't hate her. Lisa says that Melissa is spaced out and a bit of a bubble head. Melissa always goes out of her way to prove her mother wrong.

Phil Sanders

Lisa treats her son like the prince he is not while ignoring the fact that he's out of control. She buys into his lies easily and tries to cover for him when it is revealed that he did lie.

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