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Lily Park
Full name

Lily Park


Entertainment reporter


Chloe Carter
Tyler Rorke

First seen

"Loren Makes the Top 25"

Last seen

"Loren Learns The Truth"


Tina Huang

Lily Park is an aggressive TV entertainment reporter who goes to any measures to get a juicy story. She works hard to cultivate her Hollywood friendships and connections, often walking a thin line between personal and professional. Lily tries to stay close friends with Chloe to try to squeeze out a story from her. Lily tried to get as much information as she could out of Tyler and Eddie.


Chloe Carter

Lily, more often than not, uses the friend card on Chloe to get access to juicy stories. In more recent episodes, however, Chloe no longer gives Lily insider information, as she now believes that Lily couldn't care less about her. Lily grilled Chloe about who pushed her off the balcony when she was barely out of a coma, obviously not caring about her statr, and broke the news to her that Eddie had died. Even though she felt the need to protect Chloe, she eventually gave in to her good side and told Max that Tyler told her Chloe was involved in the accident that killed Katy.

Tyler Rorke

Lily and Tyler don't cross paths much, but they tend to use each other when they do.

Eddie Duran

Eddie, being one of the celebrities that Lily reports on, has an obvious contempt for her. He thinks she's nothing more than a bottom feeder who destroys people's lives. He is sometimes forced to be nice to her because of his celebrity status. Eddie automatically assumed that she was playing some sort of game with him when she wanted to talk about Katy's death and told her that she knew his mother was off limits. However, he still became interested in knowing more about it.

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