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New York, NY


Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA


Loren's manager


Jake Madsen (crush)


Traci Madsen
Jake Madsen
Loren Tate

First seen

"Chloe's Secret"

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"The Final Concert"


Yara Martinez

Kelly, a former A&R manager at Alpha, a record label in New York, is Traci's friend who comes to town for a visit after breaking up with her record producer boyfriend, but her interest in music management, and Jake, keeps her around.


Kelly is shown to be very sneaky, lying to Loren about Jake being on board with her becoming a star. It is unknown what Kelly's intentions are with Loren. Loren starts to suspect that cash is the only reason Kelly cares about her career.

Kelly is like Jake, stubborn and determined, causing the two to clash on certain issues, mainly with Loren.


Traci Madsen

Having Kelly stay with her and Jake seemed like a good idea at the time, but Kelly's interest in the Hollywood scene (and Jake) could be a problem. The two have been best friends for a long time, but when Traci finds out about Kelly kissing Jake, their friendship hits a slump. Even after they admit to kissing Traci has her doubts.

Jake Madsen

Jake and Kelly have a lot in common. They share the same interests, plus lived under the same roof until she moved in with Jake's assistant Steven. Though Jake views it as a strictly professional relationship, Kelly seems to want more. She kissed Jake when they went out to drink and later claimed that it was just spur of the moment and it didn't mean anything. Kelly admitted to Steven that she has a crush on Jake and she can't stop thinking about him, but she would never pursue anything with her best friend's husband. She confessed to Jake that she likes him. However, when Eddie gets into an accident and everyone assumes that he's dead, an upset Jake comes to Kelly at the office and they end up sleeping together.

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