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Jake Madsen
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Full name

Jake Madsen


Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA


Eddie's manager


Traci Madsen (wife)
Kelly (affair)


Max Duran
Eddie Duran

First seen

"Meeting a Rockstar"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Brandon Bell

Jake Madsen is Eddie's type-A manager and friend who has overseen his career from the beginning. His life tends to revolve around all things Eddie and the entertainment business, which can be a challenge when you're in a relationship with him. He continuously tries to find a balance between the Hollywood lifestyle and his family life with wife Traci.


Traci Madsen

Traci is Jake's wife, who is constantly reminding him that his life should not revolve around his job. Jake tries to take time out of his schedule to spend time with his wife, but his career usually overshadows his home life. Traci keeps Jake grounded, as he would be working 24/7 if he didn't have her. Jake wants a family with Traci, but Traci is hesitant. Traci has decided that she needs to take a break from her marriage. She also thinks she has nothing in common with Jake once she finds out about Kelly kissing Jake. Traci took Jake back when she thought she was pregnant, but then found out she had never been pregnant. She moved to Chicago afterwards, seperating from Jake permanently.


Kelly is Traci's best friend and Jake's employee. Kelly's visit to Los Angles was supposed to be short, but she moved in with Jake and Traci when she got interested in music management. When Traci went to Chicago to see her father, Kelly and Jake started spending more time together. Kelly kissed Jake when they went out for drinks, but claimed that it was just because she was in the moment. Jake and Kelly have been trying to keep it from Traci, but she overheard them talking in Jake's office. Jake tried to distance himself from Kelly after Traci found out about the kiss. After learning about Eddie's accident, a grieving Jake slept with Kelly, which he felt guilty for.

Eddie Duran

Eddie is Jake's top client. Jake is solely focused on Eddie's career and sometimes acts like he's more concerned about Eddie's performance than his slightly messy personal life. Jake has assured a concerned Max that Eddie is like a brother to him and that everything he does is for Eddie's own good. Jake was just as devastated as everyone else when he thought Eddie was dead and was thrilled to find out he was alive.

Max Duran

Jake and Max usually don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to Eddie's management. Even though they disagree over what's best for Eddie, they're friends and they agreed that Chloe wasn't right for Eddie.


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