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Jackie Kowalski
Jackie Kolwaski
Full name

Jackie Kowalski


c. 1970s


Fresno, California


Fresno, California
West Hollywood, CA (currently)




Cynthia Kowalski (daughter)


Tyler Rorke

First seen

"Loren's Stage Fright"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Daphne Ashbrook

Jacqueline "Jackie" Kowalski is the mother of Chloe Carter. She was thought to be dead, thanks to Chloe's fabricated sob story. Even though Chloe paints Jackie as an uncaring, cruel mother, she is actually a very hospitable person.


Jackie, although painted the villain, is quite the opposite in fact. Jackie has shown on numerous occasions to worry for Chloe trying to support Chloe. She is seen to be a regular mother who although not really understanding the craziness of Hollywood still tries to support and even advice Chloe and Tyler on what they should do. Though her advice seems to be falling on deaf ears…


Chloe Carter

The relationship between Chloe and her mother is quite odd. Jackie constantly gets slammed down by her daughter, yet she can't leave Chloe. She always finds some reason to stay in Hollywood to be with Chloe. In more recent episodes, Jackie becomes a friend of Chloe. Chloe cries on her mother's shoulder as she reveals her biggest secret, and they begin to have mother and daughter conversations.

Tyler Rorke

Jackie mistakenly believed and trusted Tyler to take care of Chloe. When she arrives in Hollywood, she learns that Tyler is quite the liar. The two constantly argue over what is best for Chloe.

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