Administrators (or shortened as admins), are users who have the ability to block users from editing if they break any rules. They can also kick/ban users from chat. Admins can also edit MediaWiki pages and lock and unlock pages. And finally, admins can promote users to chat moderators.


Bureaucrats (or shortened as b-crats or 'crats) are special users that can promote others to admin, rollback, or bureaucrats. If b-crats promote others to b-crats, they will not be able to remove the rights.

Admin's Job on Hollywood Heights Wiki-

  • Monitor the comments, make sure they're appropriate.
  • Monitor the edits, make sure they have a reliable source and are constructive.
  • Lock and unlock pages.
  • Clean up vandalism.
  • Moderate chat when needed.
  • Block/unblock users who break the rules.
  • Enforce the rules on others.
  • Edit MediaWiki pages, if needed.
  • Edit the Community Messages, if a new announcement is needed.

What admins should not do-

  • Block/ban a user because they are in a disagreement with them.
  • Lock a page for no particular reason. (exceptions are the home page)
  • Be inactive for longer than a month.
  • See vandalism and let another admin handle it.
  • Demote a user because they don't respect/agree with them.
  • Promote/unblock/unban a user because they like them.
  • Break any rule that they should be enforcing, themselves.

Current Administrators-

  1. KataraFan
  2. Z!
  3. KungAvSand
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