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Ellie Moss
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Full name

Ellie Moss


Los Angeles, California


Employee at Don's clinic


Don Masters


Nora Tate

First seen

"Loren Catches Eddie's Attention"

Last seen

"The Final Concert"


Merrin Dungey

Ellie is Nora's colleague at the clinic where she works. She’s pleasant and funny when things are going well for her, but can become high strung and needy when she feels threatened or used. Especially with men.


A complicated relationship develops for Ellie, which threatens to cause problems with friends and work.

Ellie is also shown to be very sneaky and enjoys harassing and blackmailing her boss, Don.


Nora Tate

Nora and Ellie work so closely together, it seems they never keep secrets from each other. After warning Nora about Don, their relationship seems rocky. They seem to go back and forth between friendship and distain. Often, it is times of hardship or Ellie's apologies that bring them back together.

Don Masters

Although things look professional between Ellie and Don, her boss, on the surface, Ellie's not your average employee. Don's flirtatious attitude with Nora seems to anger Ellie. The tension seems to rise with these two both becoming hostile toward each other. Things seem to take a turn for the worse when Don accuses Ellie of stealing prescription drugs. Ellie ends up blackmailing Don for $100,000 or else she files a sexual harassment lawsuit on him. Don decided to eliminate Ellie from his life by setting up a gas leak in the clinic, therefore killing her and getting insurance on the building. The plan backfired when Ellie hit Don with a flashlight and left him to die. In The Final Concert, she was arrested for his death.


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