“Eddie Inspires Loren”
Loren ep 41
Loren is inspired after her kiss with Eddie
Season 1, Episode 41
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Brandon Bell as Jake
Shannon Kane as Traci
Yara Martinez as Kelly
Grayson McCouch as Don

Air date

August 13, 2012


Lisa Seidman
Jed Seidel
Brent Boyd


Owen Renfroe

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Their Special Place


Eddie Explains Himself

"Eddie Inspires Loren" is the forty-first episode of Hollywood Heights. It first aired on TeenNick in the United States on August 13, 2012 and received 0.108 million viewers.


Loren's absolutely elated and inspired after her night with Eddie, but then a picture of Eddie and Chloe hugging appears on the internet. Chloe fakes her overdose and Eddie comes running for her. Adriana and Phil's relationship may hit the rocks for them.

Extended Plot

Loren walks through the door and tells Nora about the kiss with Eddie. Nora seems very concerned about it. Loren is angry that Nora doesn't support her crush on Eddie. Nora calms down and asks her about the kiss. Loren expresses her excitement not only about the kiss, but also about her music career. Nora asks her if she wants to focus on it for her, or to impress Eddie.

Eddie comes into Max's house and tells Max that he took Loren for a drive. Eddie then tells Max he's falling in love with Loren.

Tyler comes into the hospital and asks Jackie how Chloe is doing. Jackie said she isn't sure. Tyler then asks what happened and she tells him that when she got home, she found Chloe on the floor passed out with a bottle of pills in her hand and she called the paramedics. Jackie says the whole night was insane.