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Dylan Boyd
Full name

Dylan Boyd


Los Angeles



First seen

"Tyler Collects Evidence"

Last seen

"Eddie Demands Answers"


Ryan Sypek

Dylan Boyd is an actor Lily Park set Chloe up with after Eddie broke up with her. He is known for having a crush on Chloe, which she finds to be annoying. She took advantage of his crush by using him to make Eddie jealous in If There Was No Music, but the plan didn't work on Eddie, who has no interest in Chloe. He thinks it's a fun idea and volunteers to make Eddie jealous with Chloe. It's very obvious that Chloe and Dylan share similar character traits when it comes to stardom. They both love to stir up trouble, and do anything to get what they want. Dylan was the one who accidentally pushed Chloe off Max's balcony in Eddie Demands Answers. The accident was blamed on a supposedly dead Eddie. He refused to answer Max's calls about the accident.


  • The character was originally named 'Dylan Stone' in the scripts, but the name had to be changed for legal reasons two days before shooting.


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