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Beth Bridges
Full name

Beth Bridges


Lisa Sanders (sister)
Melissa Sanders (daughter)
Phil Sanders (nephew)
Gus Sanders (brother-in-law)

First seen

"Nora Visits Max"

Last seen

"Mixed Reactions"


Megan Follows

Elizabeth "Beth" Bridges is Lisa Sanders' sister. Lisa says that Beth had a bad past and doesn't like talking about it. Mel gets curious enough to go on a mission to find her aunt Beth, something about which Lisa is not happy and warns Mel not to pursue trying to find her. Mel doesn't listen to her mom and one day she and Adam end up at Beth's doorstep. Eventually Melissa confronts Lisa when she finds her birth certificate. Her aunt Beth is actually her birth mom and her mom Lisa is actually her aunt, who raised her when Beth was destroying her life with drugs and couldn't handle raising Melissa on her own. It finally shows why Lisa always has been so hard on Melissa from the start. She was afraid Melissa would turn out like Beth. And Gus is Melissa's adopted father and uncle.


Beth is full addicted to drugs and alcohol. After ruining her life and having to go to rehab, she had to give away her daughter Melissa to her sister, Lisa. After years of rehab, Beth kept on taking drugs, however she lived quite a normal life, regretting losing her daughter. She loved photographies. That's what Melissa actually liked about her.

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